February, a month of extremes.

Why is February a month of extremes? This past weekend I went to Vermont with a group of friends where we stayed in a very cool A-frame house and got to go skiing. That was extreme fun. Meanwhile, in New York City and the surrounding area, there was a huge blizzard! Extreme weather. Next week, I am leaving for Panama to begin my adventure with the Peace Corps. That is an extreme in its own category, certainly.

I am starting this blog for friends and family who would like to read about my adventures! Next week is the beginning of training, which lasts three months. During training I am not technically a volunteer yet (I will be a volunteer if I successfully complete training and am sworn in). I am not sure what kind of access I will have to a computer or the internet. I recently found out training will be in a community in the La Chorrera district in the Province of Panama Oeste, which is about 2 hours away from Panama City (see map). I will do my best to share the work I am doing as well as the things I am learning, the places I go, and of course pictures I take.


Here are some pictures from the past 5 years I have spent in New York City with wonderful people. Not only have I had some great jobs and worked with amazing people, I have made the best of friends. If my excessive use of positive adjectives is not enough to get the point across, what I mean to say  is I love New York City and all of the experiences I have had here. I am sure I will be back one day!


NYU Graduation at Yankee Stadium.

With Grandma on top of the Met.

With Grandma on top of the Met.


Urban Park Rangers Summer Camp Counselors meet Birds of Prey!

That’s all for now. Next stop: Panama!


One thought on “February, a month of extremes.

  1. I enjoyed your newsletter. You sound so excited and looking forward to a wonerful experience. I’ll stay posted . love , Nana

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