The first few days.

Hola! These past couple days we have been going through various administrative sessions. We have meet with the language facilitators, the medical officer, the it specialist, the training master, and our program directors!

We have also met current volunteers in various stages of service. Some are leaving in 3 weeks, some three months, and some a year! Last night a few trainees and I sat outside talking to a few current volunteers, asking millions of questions of course. I have been here for only a few days and yet I already think a Peace Corps volunteer Urban legend book would be pretty awesome if compiled.

Tonight we went to a giant mall so we could pick up bus passes (kind of like metro cards) and anything else we needed. It is probably the largest one I have ever been in. There were giant colorful animal statues at the various entrances and through the mall that served as helpful guides. This was certainly not a taste of the days to come, but it was refreshing to leave the compound type community we have been in and see a little más de Panamá. I will leave you one photo from our mall excursion.

One thing I love already are the beautiful skylines made by trees here. We have really just had time to take walks around the compound at night, so I am exited to spend tomorrow outside! We will get to learn a little more; specifically what it will be like to be Community Environmental Conservation volunteers.

Everyone I have met so far has been so wonderful. The current volunteers are endless fountains of information and advice. It is reassuring how positive and encouraging they have been. We have received so much information since we have been here, and honestly the best thing is how positive and happy and helpful all of the people are. Not only that, my fellow trainees are great mix of personalities and backgrounds from all across the U.S.

The reality of actually being here in Panamá is beginning to sink in, but I am very excited for things to really start (meaning training) so that I can get to know the country and its people better!

More updates soon!

Of course, here are some photos:






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