I <3 Aguacate.

Alright, here is another update.

My family here usually gets up around 5am, when the rooster starts crowing. I wish that were 100% true, but the roosters crow all through the night with no regard for when “dawn” actually is. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to that. Usually I sleep through it, but when they start really early in the morning sometimes I just lay there listening to them and I know it must be at least 5am. I don’t mind getting up early (I usually sleep until 6:30 or so, we don’t have spanish class until 8am). It is much cooler in the morning, so that’s a plus! I am so tired by the end of the day I usually go to bed at 9pm anyway!

The family I am staying with likes watching movies. Last week was Alien Vs. Predator week! In spanish, of course. This week the tv channel of movies they watch is playing a lot of cowboy movies. When I got back from my trip to visit a volunteer, I showed them what I learned — how to make bags out of chiwi (junk food bags, essentially). I showed the mother first, and then the two sons started watching and both tried to figure out how to do it too. When I came home today they were all working on it again! I was really glad I could share that with them. The people I have met here have all been incredibly generous, which is inspiring. Anyway, I will have to learn how to complete the chiwi bags so I can teach them how to do that too. When I came home from training yesterday the son had more chiwi bags and I worked on more with the mother! I love the recycled jewlery and bags I have seen people making here, so I hope I can be a part of that.

Some more highlights: there are a lot of animals here! They have a lot of chickens. First, there are “patio” chickens, that have a fenced in area all for them and they are free to roam in there. They climb up a ladder at night and sleep in the trees! Then, then have “jaula” chickens, that live in a cage. These chickens are less active (and I think they might use hormones for those chickens to spead up the process) but are ready to sell faster and sell for less money than the patio chickens. Next, they have 2 parrokeets and 1 parrot. They also have two baby parrokeets that they are raising, a handful of chicks, and two other baby birds they are raising, names of which I do not recall. They have a pet bunny, too! It is white with red eyes and hops about in its little cage a lot.

We are doing a big research project for our Spanish class so today we spent a lot of time walking around talking to community members. I am investigating the history and usage of medicianl plants! It is quite interesting. Someone told me today that every single tree here has a use. I definitely believe it. That’s probably true of most trees all over the world.

I have definitely just been writing sporadically and jotting things down when they come to me, so hopefully I am making sense and conveying something.

TODAY was a great day because we had avocados with lunch. AND we had some with dinner last night. I can live with that. Oh yes, my host father likes to make jokes and today at lunch he tried to get me to believe we were eating mangos not avocados, but of course I was not fooled! Haha. I told him I am no longer going to believe anything he tells me.


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