Last week we went stayed for a week in a site close to our training community for something called “tech week.” Aka summer camp for Peace Corps Trainees. We did all sorts of group activities and lots of hands on activities. We got to work with teachers and teach in a classroom! I taught with two other volunteers; to a class of 1st, 4th and 5th graders (called a multigrado classroom). We taught about habitats and had all the kids draw ads for a newspaper helping animals find their perfect home/habitat. At the end we gave them all badges that said “guardia de los animales,” to reward them for their good work! We also put on an “escuela de campo,” (which is a hands on teaching activity geared towards adults) about compost. The volunteer who lives there took us to the river one afternoon, and another afternoon we climbed to the top of a loma that overlooks all of the community. The view was incredible! Speaking of views, the view from my “shower,” aka a sink and a bucket, was amazing. It looked out over a field of cows and horses and orange trees and beautiful hills. At night, it was covered in hundreds of fireflies. There was no electricity, so the fireflies were even more vibrant (no light pollution!). A lot of the families have solar panels, so they can have lights and various things like that.

On a more exciting note, we had site announcement today!! I have been placed in the community I was just describing above! I have a great impression to go off of and I am really excited to get to know the community better. 


A hike in the Valle de Anton.

Brittany, Julian, and Miguel.

This past week, on wednesday, after spanish class, a few of my classmates and I decided to bake cookies! We bought all the ingredients and went to my house. They took a really long time to bake because we had the oven on really low. It was so much fun and so delicious. Before we started baking, the oven started smoking because some grease caught on fire, so that really set the mood. My host mother and brothers watched us while we were making them and asked questions and laughed when we did things like fill the kitchen with smoke. After they were finally ready, I gave a cookie to everyone in my family, and the uncle of my friend Lauren´s host family, and the neighbors. Lauren´s host mother´s uncle was there to inject the dog my host family has with medication for an ear infection, so we all got to witness that. After the cookies and watching the injection (I was happy to see they go out of their way to buy medicine for the dogs, vets are not really common here), we played dominoes with my host family! A few other aspirantes came over and my host mother and brothers taught them how to play. OH, one more thing. My host family brought home a baby ñeque from their trip during Semana Santa, and my host father keeps telling everyone it is a bengal tiger. A great comedian. The baby ñeque was there to entertain us as well. They can jump really high! All in all that was a great day.


2 thoughts on “Highlights.

  1. Hi Joan, Your pictures are great, you look so happy in allof them. Sounds like you will be a very busy young lady. I’m glad to hear you will like your new home. Your Dad told me they spoke to you. that’s always a boost for them to hear your voice I have’nt written to you as I had some sad news, a sister of mine passed away last week—she has been in poor health for awhile–so she has gone to her eternal reward. She always asked how you and Nora were doing, I always told them what you girls were up to. Stay well and keep that wonderful outlook! love, Nana

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